Remote Learning

Welcome to our Home Learning Hub

At Park Academy, we are committed to fostering excitement and passion for learning, even beyond the school walls. Our home learning resources are designed not only to empower our pupils but also to assist parents in supporting their children's educational journey at home.

Here, you will find valuable tools to reinforce key skills like learning times tables in mathematics and practising essential spelling patterns. We firmly believe that reading should be an integral part of every child's daily routine, and we encourage you to make it a joyful habit.

Learning should not be confined to the school day. Whether with the guidance of parents or independently, students can engage in extended tasks that nurture their creativity and curiosity, further enhancing their skills and knowledge.

Below, you will discover a collection of helpful links and resources to enhance your child's learning experience both at school and at home. We invite you to explore these valuable tools and continue the exciting journey of education with us.

Happy learning!

Reading Eggs

BBC Bitesize

Times Tables Rock Stars

Complete Maths