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At Park Academy, Art and Design Technology are valued components of our curriculum. These subjects offer children unique ways to interact with and interpret the world around them. By engaging in activities that involve sight, touch, and other senses, pupils can communicate their thoughts, feelings, and observations.

Our Key Objectives are:

  • To expose children to a variety of visual, tactile, and sensory experiences to broaden their understanding of the world.
  • To enable pupils of all abilities to articulate what they see, feel, and think through creative means such as colour, texture, and form.
  • To equip children with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in Art and Design Technology.

Our curriculum focusses on both substantive and disciplinary elements to provide a well-rounded education in these subjects. Substantive knowledge includes the fundamental principles of art and design, like colour theory, patterns, and the properties of different materials. Our pupils also learn about influential artists and designers and how historical and cultural contexts influences art. Disciplinary elements comprise the practical and theoretical aspects of Art and Design Technology. This includes:

  • Practical Skills: Pupils engage in hands-on activities to practice drawing, painting, sculpting, and constructing with various materials.
  • Theoretical Understanding: Children learn to appreciate the importance of different art movements, styles, and cultural influences.

Fluency and Experimentation: As our pupils advance, they are encouraged to become more fluent in using different mediums and techniques. This includes taking risks and experimenting to develop their own style.

Authentic Artistry: The ultimate goal is to help pupils move beyond imitation to become authentic artists who can express themselves uniquely and creatively.

By covering these key areas, we aim to foster a love for Art and Design Technology and equip our pupils with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in these fields.




Subject Documents Date  
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