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At Park Academy, science education is an essential part of our curriculum. We offer a variety of practical and theoretical enjoyable science lessons aimed at expanding pupils' skills and knowledge. Our approach not only covers the basics but also aims to foster a deeper understanding of the subject.

Pupils are encouraged to get directly involved in the learning process through hands-on activities. They learn to form hypotheses and come up with creative ways to test their theories. This method allows them to engage deeply with scientific principles and develop critical thinking skills.

Collaboration is key in our science classrooms. Pupils work together to explore the world around them, share observations, and discuss findings. This team-based approach enhances their ability to communicate effectively and work as part of a group.

Our science lessons are designed to not just provide answers, but to provoke questions. Pupils are taught to challenge existing ideas and misconceptions. They learn to rely on evidence and data to support their conclusions, thereby gaining a substantial understanding of scientific disciplines.

The aim of our science education is twofold: to build skills and to expand knowledge. Through our carefully designed curriculum and practical lessons, pupils not only learn the facts but also the understanding behind science.


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Science Overview 29th Sep 2023 Download