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At Park, we deeply value the  growth of every child, and our P.S.H.E curriculum is a testament to this commitment. Designed to cultivate the ‘whole child,’ our curriculum supports our pupils to reflect on their personal and social evolvement and encourages the integration of their social, mental, and physical development.

Our approach empowers children to navigate through moral, social, and cultural issues which they may encounter during their growth journey. With a focus on nurturing resilience, empathy, and ethical understanding, we strive to create an environment where every child can blossom into thoughtful and responsible individuals, ready to make meaningful contributions to the world.

Our pupils discover a learning journey at Park where every child is equipped to explore, understand, and embrace the ability to tackle the moral, social and cultural issues that are part of growing up.

Philosophy For Children - (P4C)

At Park Academy, we view education as more than just imparting knowledge; it's about equipping our pupils with the ability to ponder life's most intriguing queries.

Philosophy for Children is an innovative educational approach designed to do just that. In each session, the children are shown a stimulus and through careful facilitation, the children share their ideas and develop their skills to ask open-ended questions and build on each other’s points of view.

Our aim is to cultivate pupils who not only think deeply but also question wisely. P4C enhances their capacity to be compassionate, analytical, cooperative, and innovative thinkers. It's through these interactive dialogues and debates that our students find their voice, asserting their thoughts with confidence – a skill that resonates in and out of school.

P4C provides a safe space for children to explore Philosophical questions like, "What defines fairness?" or "What attributes make someone a true friend?" These discussions are both enriching and enjoyable. P4C lessons promote respect for diverse viewpoints and teaches children how to listen actively. At the heart of our P4C lessons is the ethos of respecting different perspectives, enabling pupils to actively listen and deeply connect with the views of others.


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PSHE including RSE Overview 29th Sep 2023 Download