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At Park Academy, English is the foundation of our learning ethos. We proudly implement the Success For All (SFA) & FFT Phonics English programme, tailored to address the individual needs of each pupil. This approach not only fosters a thorough understanding of the language but also cultivates a lasting love for English.

In our curriculum, English extends beyond the realms of reading and writing. We place a significant emphasis on spoken English, weaving it throughout all of our diverse subjects. This strategy enables our pupils to articulate their ideas clearly, expand their vocabulary, and engage in meaningful discussions. Our inclusive approach supports our pupils to develop their confidence, sharpen their critical thinking, and enhances their communication skills.

Reading is a cornerstone of our educational philosophy. Our goal is for every pupil to meet or exceed the national reading standards by the end of each academic year. We achieve this by integrating reading into all areas of study, providing continuous opportunities for our pupils to improve their reading skills. This creates an environment where a passion for reading flourishes.

Writing at Park Academy is not just about literacy; it's about nurturing each pupil's unique voice. Our focus on purposeful writing encourages pupils to become independent and creative writers. Through a variety of writing tasks and projects, we inspire our pupils to explore different genres and styles, thus fostering their creativity and self-expression.

Our comprehensive approach to English education ensures excellence in all aspects of the language. From our extensive programme and focus on spoken language to our rich reading culture and purpose-driven writing instructions, we are committed to developing proficient and confident communicators. Join us at Park Academy, where mastering English is the gateway to a successful and enriching educational experience.


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