Modern Foreign Languages

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At Park Academy, we know how valuable it is to learn a Modern Foreign Language. We start teaching French to our pupils at the beginning of Year 3. Our aim is to make the lessons engaging and interactive, allowing pupils to work together to build their confidence and skills in the French language.

In our classes, our pupils learn how to speak and write in full sentences. They start with simple phrases and, over time, work on speaking and writing more complex phrases. This gradual progression helps them feel more at ease with the language and encourages them to use it more freely.

Understanding the language also involves listening and reading in French. Pupils practice these skills by listening to stories, watching videos, and reading short passages, all designed to boost their comprehension skills. We celebrate this love of French across the school.

We also cover the basics like phonics, vocabulary, and grammar to give our pupils a strong foundation in the language. Introducing our pupils to the French culture is important for our pupils. we learn about French holidays to tasting French foods. We even look for ways to include French culture around the school to make the learning experience more real for our pupils.

French is an important part of the curriculum at Park Academy. Through our French classes, we aim to give our pupils not just a new language skill, but also a broader understanding of the world they live in.


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French Overview 29th Sep 2023 Download