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At Park Academy, teaching History is about more than just recounting past events; it’s about helping our pupils make sense of the world they currently live in. We place a strong emphasis on using real evidence in various forms to understand what has occurred in the past. This could be written documents, artefacts, or even audio recordings. The aim is not only to teach what happened but also to guide pupils in how to interpret these pieces of evidence.

A major focus in our History classes is on the concepts of continuity and change. Pupils learn how events and ideas have either persisted or evolved over time. This helps them grasp how even events from long ago can still impact our lives today. It is a way to show them that history is not just a subject of the past, but is continuously unfolding and shaping the world they live in.

Our History curriculum also puts current events into a historical context. By doing so, pupils can better understand the root causes of current issues, whether they be social, political, or economic. This aids them in forming well-rounded opinions and perspectives on modern-day topics.

We incorporate strategies to help pupils develop their long-term memory. This involves sequencing topic knowledge in a way that supports retention and helps in forming a chronological understanding of events.  Our goal is to help them become thoughtful individuals capable of making informed views of the world around them.


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History Overview 29th Sep 2023 Download