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At Park Academy, we collaborate with the Merton Music Foundation to provide a rich and diverse music curriculum for all our pupils. The aim is not just to expose children to music but to give them hands-on experience with a variety of instruments and styles. Amongst the whole-class instrumental lessons offered are guitar, percussion, gamelan, and drumming. Additionally, we offer singing lessons that make learning music enjoyable while improving vocal abilities.

Our key aims are:

  • To provide all children with a wide array of musical experiences, from instrumental lessons to vocal training.
  • To focus on the basic elements of music, including rhythm, melody, and harmony, so that pupils can build on a solid foundation.
  • To develop both technical and expressive skills in music, preparing children for more complex musical understanding as they progress.


The skills and knowledge taught are designed to offer both substantive and disciplinary knowledge:

Substantive Knowledge: This involves learning the basic building blocks of music—note reading, rhythm, scales, and so on. We also introduce pupils to different types of music and instruments.

Disciplinary Knowledge: This involves understanding how to apply this foundational knowledge in practical settings, whether that is playing an instrument or participating in a choir.

We believe in mastering the basics before moving on to concepts that are more complex. Learning is carefully sequenced so that each unit builds on the last, helping to reinforce previous lessons and consolidate understanding. Our collaboration with the Merton Music Foundation enriches our music curriculum, making it a fulfilling and educational experience for all pupils at Park Academy.


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Music Overview 29th Sep 2023 Download