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At Park Academy, we believe that studying Geography is a great way to help our pupils understand the world they inhabit. In addition to learning about maps and mountains, we help our pupils to develop an understanding about the people and cultures that make up our global community. We want our pupils to enjoy discovering different places and understanding how everything is interconnected.

In our Geography classes, pupils learn how natural events like earthquakes or weather patterns can shape the Earth. They also learn about how societies and cultures can impact the world. This dual focus helps our pupils become better-informed individuals who have a comprehensive understanding of how the world functions.

Geography also helps our pupils think about their role in the world. They learn to consider not just their own needs but also how their actions can have a wider impact. This subject instils in them an understanding of their rights and responsibilities as part of a larger community.

As for skills, our pupils gain locational knowledge, learning about where places are and what they're like. They also understand different human and physical processes that shape landscapes and societies. Whether it's understanding why a village is located near a river or how a mountain range affects the climate, our pupils delve into these topics in a meaningful way.

Our pupils learn how to logically sequence information, which is an important skill across various subjects. Our pupils are equipped to be more aware and engaged members of their global community.


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Geography Overview 26th Sep 2023 Download